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Mission and Vision Statement

Professional Medical is accredited by Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation and a Medicare approved provider. Professional Medical is a full service home medical equipment company that has been servicing patients for over 40 years. Locations in central Texas include the cities of Temple and Killeen, Specializing in respiratory care services such as oxygen and CPAP therapy. Professional Medical also offers power wheelchairs and lifts, scooters,medical supplies,mobility aids,bathroom safety equipment, Lift chairs and more. Are locations have retail showrooms where patients may look at many of these items such as lift chairs. Fast, efficient, quality patient care is our goal.

Mission Statement

The mission of Professional Medical is to provide cost effective quality home medical equipment, supplies, and homecare service to the patients of this region utilizing innovation, diversification, and cost efficient methods in an environment that fosters learning and demonstrates positive outcomes.

Vision Statement

Professional Medical strives to lead our area as the premier home healthcare team by exceeding patient expectations through the advancement of quality medical equipment, services and conservative growth.

Philosophy Statement

  • As a health care provider, Professional Medical has the responsibility to provide quality, comprehensive, individualized care to all its patients, and to aid them in attaining the highest possible level of health or, in appropriate cases, peace and dignity.
  • The primary focus of Professional Medical is the welfare of patients and their families; therefore, the whole patient must be considered and his or her health care needs must be identified.
  • Patients of Professional Medical are entitled to specific rights to quality, personalized service as outlined in the patient bill of rights.
  • The health care needs of Professional Medical patients will best be met if and when Professional Medical seeks the cooperation of and works with various health care professionals and all available agencies within the medical community in planning for and providing total patient care.
  • Professional Medical employees should exhibit high ethical conduct, loyalty, and professionalism. Proficiency must be maintained through continuous in-service programs and individual self-improvement efforts.
  • Professional Medical should present or sponsor a continuous program of in-service education for all personnel in order to provide improved quality of care and to keep Professional Medical personnel current with developments in the health care field. All personnel should regularly participate in in-service programs and must be encouraged to continue their education.
  • A continuous evaluation of all the activities of the corporation is necessary to assess how effectively the needs of the patients are being met and to take action to improve services when indicated.
  • In order to identify and resolve community and patient problems, Professional Medical should utilize research found in current literature as well as research and studies conducted within the corporation.
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