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Cpap & Bipap Therapy

Professional Medical incorporates the latest in sleep therapy products and supplies. All we need is a copy of your sleep study and prescription for supplies, and we will do the rest!
Walk-Ins are always welcome, however, we may need to send off for an authorization which may prompt an appointment for setting you up with your Cpap or BiPap at a later time. Here is what you will need the day of your visit to us....
Driver License
Insurance Card(s)
Most recent sleep study and

If you are looking to cash purchase Cpap masks and supplies, we will need a copy of your latest prescription either hand delivered or faxed to our offices. Feel free to call us with any questions.
Temple Phone 254-773-4309 Fax 254-773-4932
Killeen Phone 254-680-4309 Fax 254-680-4932

We look forward to your visit!